Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Broken english

Ei bine, s-a mai facut inca o film despre fete ca mine. Din acelea care au avut iubiti frumosi pe vremea facultatii (sau era liceul?!), acelea care cred in dragoste la prima vedere, acelea care se urca in masina si pleaca dupa el, departe, departe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Music within

"Richard Pimentel (Ron Livingston) begins his life as a fighter, and his life's work becomes a process of fighting for the rights of others.
Rising up from a childhood in a dysfunctional family, armed with a talent for public speaking and a winning personality, the young man makes his way to a Northwestern college, confident that he will ace his try-out for his idol Dr. Ben Padrow (Hector Elizondo), the coach of the winningest team in the history of the College Bowl.
But Dr. Padrow shatters his dream when he rejects him. Richard's immediate reaction is to enlist in the army for a tour of duty in Vietnam. During combat, the young recruit loses his hearing to a bomb blast, and has to deal with this newfound disability on his return to civilian life in Oregon.
Richard discovers that his disability and the struggle to transcend it is a defining moment in his fight for what he believes in. When he tries to help his friends, vets like himself and others with disabilities, to get work in an environment that treats them with pity at best and disdain as a matter of course, he realizes that he can make a difference. The friends who make up his close-knit clique are: Art Honneyman (Michael Sheen), a student wheel chair user with cerebral palsy who uses his rapier wit to deflect the prejudice that greets his disturbing appearance; Mike Stoltz (Yul Vázquez), a fellow veteran with a lot of rage and nowhere to put it; and then there is Christine (Melissa George), the passionate libertine who strokes Richard's ego and initiates him into the world of free love.
Together, the friends experience the currents of those turbulent times, and the wild, joyful energy of winning through confrontation and humor. Without his hearing Richard is all the more prepared to listen to the message deep within himself, and to carry that message to the thousands of people whose lives are improved by the movement he helps to organize.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents an Articulus Entertainment and Quorum Entertainment production, "Music Within," a searing drama about love, friendship and self-realization starring Ron Livingston, Melissa George, Michael Sheen and Yul Vázquez with Rebecca De Mornay and Hector Elizondo. Directed by Steven Sawalich from a screenplay by Bret McKinney & Mark Andrew Olsen and Kelly Kennemer and based on a true story, "Music Within" was produced by Brett Donowho and Steven Sawalich. The talented complement of behind-the-scenes artists includes Line Producer Bruce Wayne Gillies, Director of Photography Irek Hartowicz, Production Designer Craig Stearns, Editor Tim Alverson, Costume Designer Alexis Scott, Composer James T. Sale and Music Supervisor Debra Baum. "

O poveste frumoasa, reala. Un film care pe mine m-a intristat si apoi bucurat. Iar Art..Trebuie sa vedeti filmul asta:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Made of Honor


Then she found me

Helen Hunt regizeaza o poveste destul de draguta, o tipa ajunsa la 39 de ani isi doreste un copil, se casatoreste cu un tip care este doar un copil mare, se despart si ramane gravida la ultimul sex de despartire..apare un alt tip..si daca vreti sa vedeti ce se petrece uitati-va la film. E trista povestea, ea joaca foarte bine dar o preferam in comedii sau alt gen de film:)

Thank you for smoking

Excelent! Un film despre fumat in care nu am vazut tigari fumegande:))

Back soon

Un film gay destul de trist realizat, cu o poveste "subtire"..nu ne-a placut.

Trailer for the new romantic drama from Guest House Films - BACK SOON - starring Windham Beacham and Matthew Montgomery, written and directed by Rob Williams.

From the creator of the award-winning film LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP comes a story of love, loss, identity and hope. Aspiring actor Logan Foster (Windham Beacham) finds himself inexplicably drawn to reformed drug dealer Gil Ramirez (Matthew Montgomery), despite their different backgrounds -- and the fact that they are both straight. But neither man is prepared for the true nature of their connection or the impact it will have on their lives.

Love and other disasters

"Sometimes LOVE is not like the movies !" Jacks is an assistant editor at UK Vogue and forms the centre of her group of friends, taking an 'Emma'-like role as she match makes and steers them through their disastrous relationships. Her gay flat mate Peter is a particular focus of her repeated attempts to help him find true love. But when will Jacks realize she needs to focus on her own less than ideal love life? And when will Peter stop letting his imagination of the ideal lover get in the way of real-life happiness. LOD provides us with a witty glance into a glittering group of friends and their London life, whilst examining the difference between love as it is in the movies versus how it is in real life...

Just like the story of my life:))

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Mom's New Boyfriend

Meg Ryan grasa, fumatoare inraita, mama unui tip care lucra la FBI. Banderas - un hotz. Es castiga niste bani, slabeste si devine o bunesa, se cupleaza cu hotzul..si de aici in colo tre' sa vedeti filmul. O comedioara asa..


OST "My blueberry night"


On April 1, 2008, Blue Note Records will release My Blueberry Nights, music from the new motion picture by director Wong Kar Wai (2046, In The Mood For Love, Happy Together). The first-ever English film by the internationally acclaimed director, My Blueberry Nights is a romantic drama set as an American road movie starring Norah Jones in her acting debut, along with a stellar cast featuring Jude Law, David Strathairn, Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman. The Weinstein Company will release My Blueberry Nights in U.S. theaters on April 4, 2008.

The soundtrack album is an impressive collection that stands on its own apart from the film. It features a wide swath of American music both new and old that touches upon R&B, Soul, Rock, Folk and Jazz, including “The Story,” a new song by Norah Jones based on her experience in the film, as well as music by Cat Power, Otis Redding, Ruth Brown, Mavis Staples, Amos Lee, Cassandra Wilson, and instrumental selections from the score by Ry Cooder.

My Blueberry Nights Original Soundtrack:

1. Norah Jones - The Story
2. Cat Power - Living Proof
3. Ry Cooder - Ely Nevada
4. Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness
5. Ruth Brown - Looking Back
6. Ry Cooder - Long Ride
7. Mavis Staples - Eyes on the Prize
8. Chikara Tsuzuki - Yumeji’s Theme
9. Amos Lee - Skipping Stone
10. Ry Cooder - Bus Ride
11. Cassandra Wilson - Harvest Moon
12. Hello Stranger - Devil’s Highway
13. Gustavo Santaolalla - Pajaros
14. Cat Power - The Greatest

The edge of love


Was it the marriage made in heaven?

Great film..ca sa zic asa.

Friday, October 17, 2008


from NyTimes
Extracurricular Lessons for Student and Teacher

Published: August 8, 2008
“Elegy” is such a serious, oftentimes grave exploration of desire and the ways of aging and desperate flesh that it’s a miracle the two central characters — a literary star named David Kepesh and his much younger lover, Consuela — have as much sex as they do. Despite some low-key lovemaking and the considerably more overwrought talk, there’s very little pleasure to be found amid this film’s penumbral lighting, careful compositions and muffled, muffling good taste. There isn’t much juice here either, though the film is based on “The Dying Animal,” a brutal, short novel by Philip Roth that oozes like a wound.

The book is fascinating and repellent, more admirable than likable, a fusion of early Roth (sex) and late Roth (death). It’s narrated by Kepesh (Ben Kingsley in the film), who in 1972 metamorphosed into the title character of “The Breast” and five years later became Mr. Roth’s eponymous “Professor of Desire.” The Kepesh in “The Dying Animal” is 70 and engorged with rage. His fury and vigorous language belie the aging flesh he bitterly complains about as he recalls his obsessive affair with Consuela (Penélope Cruz, an obvious if remote object of desire) eight years earlier. She was his student and ripe for the plucking, especially in the film, where she enters clutching Roland Barthes’s “Pleasure of the Text” to her lush bosom.

In the novel Kepesh is pathetic and self-loathing, but perversely enthralling because Mr. Roth’s prose is. Kepesh detests his decaying (dying) body and worships Consuela’s ripe (blooming) one. In the film, directed by Isabel Coixet and written by Nicholas Meyer (he adapted Mr. Roth’s “Human Stain” to the screen), Kepesh is cool and watchful and Mr. Kingsley plays him without a trace of plausible weakness. With his flat stomach and beaky profile (he’s more eagle than goat), Mr. Kingsley looks too proud to indulge in the humiliating revelations that, in the novel, Kepesh ritualistically bathes in. The actor and the filmmakers have made the character their own, but their portrait of a lonely man incapable of surrendering to love is familiar and banal.

Comparisons between novels and screen adaptations are inevitable, particularly when a film announces its literary pedigree as this one reasonably does. The trick is not to confuse the two or assume that the best adaptation is the most faithful or makes for good cinema. “Elegy” has the veneer of fealty. It shares some of the book’s dialogue, most of its plot points and characters: a bold Patricia Clarkson plays Kepesh’s other lover, Peter Sarsgaard his unhappy son and Dennis Hopper his only friend. The film also dilutes the novel’s pessimism, its smog of self-contempt and more aggressively ugly deeds and words — no one could mistake the onscreen Kepesh for a misogynist — but dilution, bowdlerization, counter-readings and heresy are legitimate strategies in the adaptation racket. Dullness isn’t.

The problem with “Elegy” has nothing to do with faithfulness and everything to do with interpretation. The film is an overly polite take on a spiky, claustrophobic, insistently impolite novel, but this wouldn’t be such an issue if Ms. Coixet had the cinematic language that could withstand, equal, obliterate or transcend the book’s blunt force, its beautiful sentences, flashes of genius and spleen. Ms. Coixet has a fine eye and she has created a visual scheme — an attractively dark palette, discreetly hovering camera movements and smooth edits — that makes everything look very nice indeed (especially the radiant if miscast Ms. Cruz). There’s not a hair out of place here or an emotion. It’s as if Ms. Coixet had tried to quiet the howls of a dying animal.

It’s a wonder that filmmakers continue to adapt Mr. Roth’s work to the screen, which is largely inhospitable to tough, prickly and unappetizing ideas and characters, especially in America. It seems instructive that no great director has tackled this great writer, whether out of fear or shrewdness. Certainly it’s understandable that a female filmmaker would have a go at Mr. Roth, though “The Dying Animal,” with its unloving encounters, maddening woman troubles and occasional gynecological descriptions, really cries out for a reckless voluptuary like Catherine Breillat, who wouldn’t go all soft. She could smack all that male contempt around, but also give it its honest due. She would keep the novel’s furious bite.

“Elegy” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Female nudity.


Opens on Friday in Manhattan.

Directed by Isabel Coixet; written by Nicholas Meyer, based on the novel “The Dying Animal” by Philip Roth; director of photography, Jean-Claude Larrieu; edited by Amy Duddleston; production designer, Claude Paré; produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi and Andre Lamal; released by Samuel Goldwyn Films. Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes.

WITH: Penélope Cruz (Consuela), Ben Kingsley (David Kepesh), Dennis Hopper (George O’Hearn), Patricia Clarkson (Carolyn), Peter Sarsgaard (Dr. Kenny Kepesh) and Deborah Harry (Amy O’Hearn).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My blueberry nights

Norah Jones, Juse Law si frumoasa de Natalie Portman intr-o poveste peste care curge placinta cu fructe de padure.
regia: Wong Kar Wai


Drama unei familii care are un copil hermafrodit. Un film sfasietor..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smart People

Sometimes the smartest people have the most to learn

Ellen Page e grozava in filmul asta. Mi-a placut maxim fratele "adoptat". Si Dennis Quaid. Si SJP.

Oricum un film numai bun de vazut.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Les Choristes

Un film asa de frumos, am ascultat soundtrackul de atatea ori si nu apucasem sa vad filmul.


Les deux monde

Ei bine asa imi plac mie filme frantuzesti! O comedie super, el este restaurator de tablouri, sotia se decide sa il paraseasca..Timpul se opreste si omul nostru se trezeste intr-o alta lume unde este vazut ca un Mesia. Un film foarte haios, locatii de filmare super, undeva in Africa banuiesc.
Si costumele..super! Si muzica, si tot..

Ce soir je dors che toi

Alta comedioara frantuzeasca asa..numai buna de vazut vineri seara. O poveste despre reactia barbatului cand femeia pe care o iubeste il anunta ca vrea sa locuiasca cu el. Frica lui in fatza schimbarii, etc. Barbatii..

Ensemble c'est tout

O Audrey simpatica, tunsa scurt. Un film care mie mi-a placut tare. Mai ales povestea dintre cei doi..si bunica cea simpatica..

Friday, October 3, 2008

The counterfaiters

Si in sfarsit un film bun.

Regizor Stefan Ruzowitzky
Scenarist Stefan Ruzowitzky, Adolf Burger
Actori Karl Markovics, August Diehl, Devid Striesow
Studio Sony Pictures Classic
Gen film Drama
Site Oficial Visit
Durata 98 minute
Box Office 5,483,549 (US total)
Synopsis "The Counterfeiters" ("Die Fälscher" in Germana), este povestea adevarata a celei mai mari operatiuni de contrabanda din istorie, organizata de Nazisti in 1936. Salomon "Sally" Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics) este regele contrafacerilor. Este un betivan care traieste o viata mizerabila printre hartii, si un afemeiat in timpul erei Naziste din Berlin. Brusc norocul sau se schimba cand este arestat de supravieghetorul Friedrich Herzog (Devid Striesow). Este dus imediat in inchisoarea din Mauthausen, unde Salomon dobandeste abilitati exceptionale si curand va fi transferat in unitatea imbunatatita din Sachsenhausen. El il intalneste iar pe Herzog, care este acolo intr-o misiune secreta. Datorita abilitatilor sale de a picta foarte bine, Salomonsi un grup de profesionisti sunt fortati sa picteze falsuri in secret, operatiunea numindu-se Berhard. Echipa il include de asemenea pe suspectul Adolf Burger (August Diehl), care pune la dispozitie luxoasa sa cladire. Dar in timp ce Salomon asteapta sa se slabeasca economia oponentilor Germaniei, Adolf refuza sa isi floseasca abilitatiile in flolosul si profitul Nazistilor si ar vrea sa faca ceva sa opreasca Operatiunea Bernhard venind in ajutorul eforturilor depuse in razboi. Confruntandu-se cu o problema morala, Salomon trebuie sa se decida ce va face, actiunile sale ar putea prelungii razboiul si risca viata unor prizonieri, in final trebuie sa faca alegerea corecta.

City of Men

In CITY OF MEN, producer Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardner) returns to the Brazilian favelas of his Academy Award-nominated film, City of God. Growing up in a culture dictated by violence and run by street gangs, teenagers Acerola (Douglas Silva) and Laranjinha (Darlan Cunha) have become close as brothers. With their eighteenth birthdays fast approaching, Laranjinha sets out to find the father he never met, while Acerola struggles to raise his own young son. But when they suddenly find themselves on opposite sides of a gang war, the lifelong friends are forced to confront a shocking secret from their shared past.

Sa fiu sincera dupa City of God nu mai vreau sa vad inca un film cu povesti din cartiere..dar a fost ok si asta. Nu m-a impresionat ca primul.

The sisterhood of the traveling pants

4 fete, o pereche de blugi. Una din ele in Grecia. Santorini. Kalimera..

Urmeaza The sisterhood 2 cand fetele is cu trei ani mai mari..si grecul s-a insurat desigur cu o grecoaica! Hihihi

Foarte bun film de fazut cu fetele. Siropel asa..

Asa o sa arate partea a doua:

About a boy

Will (Hugh Grant)

I am an island. I am bloody Ibiza!

I'll tell you one thing. Men are bastards. After about ten minutes I wanted to cut my *own* penis off with a kitchen knife.

Will: [thinking] Every man is an island. I stand by that. But clearly some men are island CHAINS. Underneath, they are connected...

Marcus: [thinking] I used to think two was not enough. But now things are great; there are loads of people... I don't know what Will was so pissed about. I don't think couples are the future. The way I see it now, we both got back-up now. It's like that thing Jon Bon Jovi said: 'No man is an island.'
Comedioara - ca sa continuam seria de filme care nu ne pun mintea la contributie:))

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Qui M'Aime Me Suive

Un film frantuzesc care mie mi-a placut foarte tare. La fel, eram precisa ca am scris despre film, tot de la Bogdan stiu de el..nu stiu ce e cu mine, cred ca m-am ramolit deplin.
E povestea unui tip care ajuns pe la 30 de ani se prinde ca nu e fericit cu jobul lui si se apuca de cantat in beciul prietenei lui cea mai buna. Nevestei uita sa ii spuna. Fun filmul. Ah!
Inca o data m-am prins ..iubesc basistii !

Definitely, Maybe

Seara de comedioare romantice dupa cum se vede. Vine o zi in care vrei sa mai vezi si pompitze ca nu cumva sa strige prietenii pe strada ca te-ai facut intelectuala in cap.
Un filmuletz dragut mai ales pentru ca Maya "aia mica" este extrem de simpatica si joaca bine. O poveste despre iubirile lui Will, despre evolutia lui in plan profesional si ..despre dragostea adevarata (tipic american desigur).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Accidental Husband

O comedioara tipic americana cu happy ending si aceleasi povesti de amor cum numai in filme vezi. Si totusi ne place maxim sa credem ca povestile astea pot deveni realitate, asa ca vedem filmul, radem si ne bucuram. Film de fete, de vazut cu inghetata.


Hard candy

Eu eram convinsa ca am deja scris ceva despre filmul asta, dar nu am mai gasit unde. Deci il bifam la vazute. Foarte buna povestea, Ellen Page joaca excelent.

Candy (more is never enough)

Directed by Neil Armfield. With Abbie Cornish, Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush.

Mi-a fost destul de greu sa vad filmul asta..Mi-a parut asa de rau cand a murit Heath asa ca nu cred ca a fost o idee buna sa vad filmul..singura zic.

Ea este studenta la arte, el e poet. Ea il iubeste pe el, el o iubeste pe ea.. Amandoi iubesc drogul. Ea ajunge sa se prostitueze, el ajunge sa fure. Povesti pe care le-am auzit in gasti despre prieteni ai unor prieteni. Cred ca de asta m-a intristat si mai tare filmul.

Heath joaca asa de bine incat trezeste compasiune..Foarte bun film insa nu l-as mai vedea inca o data..Imaginea lor in pat, imbratisati, tinandu-si in brate copilul nascut prematur si fara pic de viata..Too much for me.

Cum zice Cabral?! Spuneti NU drogurilor..Daca nu puteti sa spuneti NU tuturor drogurilor, macar de Heroina nu va atingeti..