Sunday, March 2, 2008

B Tribe

Dramatic Flamenco guitar, ambient synthesizer tonalities, and moody, wordless vocals evoke a windswept plain, or the ocean at dusk, or the burning desert sun, or a thousand other tableaus of the imagination. It's music as mood. Mood as music. It's love and death and renewal and redemption. It's the aural atmosphere that will soon be providing the soundtrack to your life. It is B-Tribe.
For those who are into labels, you can call it Flamenco meets New Age meets Dance grooves. But that's just a starting point of identification. It's more telling to speak of sonic colours and textures, of organic vibrations and sensations. Ultimately, what makes this sound so emotionally accessible is that's it's based, quite simply, on the rhythms of life.
B-Tribe is the brainchild of forward-thinking musician/producer/visionary The Brave, a native of Germany, habitant of Ibiza and citizen of planet groove. Incarnated several years and recordings ago (Fiesta Fatal!, Suave Suave, Sensual Sensual), B-Tribe makes its triumphant Higher Octave debut with its most accomplished CD yet, Spiritual Spiritual. With a new label and a new recording, B-Tribe is poised to significantly expand on its already impressive fan base (over 300,000 units sold), built mostly through word-of-mouth buzz generated by music fans hungry for a new kind of sound.

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