Friday, June 29, 2007

music.night and France

In lunile de Maison Alfort (si de Franta si de Simona) am dormit cu radioul sub perna. Pe bune. Simona m-a invatat sa iubesc altfel muzica. In Paris sunt zeci de posturi de radio. Noptile mele avea tematica muzicala. Si "de vise". Pentru ca daca adormeam cu muzica postului de radio magrebian (RAI), toata noaptea alergam in desert, purtam turban si ma indragosteam de un frumos arab a carui fatza nu o vedeam niciodata. Daca dormeam cu "TSF radio jazz" toata noaptea mea se pierdea intre perdele de fum, pe o canapea moale, pereti captusiti cu velur grena, un pian si ea. Ea cantandu-mi despre un barbat care fuma in pat, eu visand la filme vechi.
Insa Oui Fm a fost dragostea cea mai mare. Pentru ca era cu mine toata ziua, era cu mine in toate drumurile catre Rockoteca, era cu noi zi si noapte, langa fiecare gura de "surubelnitza".. La Oui Fm am ascultat interviu live cu Lhasa, cu Manu Chao, am plans de dor de casa, am ras de poantele lor pe care le intelegeam partial:)) Am ajuns inapoi acasa acum 3 ani jumate. Deja. Cand mi-e dor de Simona si de Corneliu ascult oui fm. Cand mi-e dor de lunile petrecute acolo caut harti pe net si imi pun semne in dreptul locului cu casa rosie unde locuia micul soricel.
My funny valentine - la TSF radio, asa de dor, pe net, chiar acum..
Noptile mele in Paris. In masina, dupa destul alcool, ploaie, Simona la volan. Noi razand si cantand. Noi in bucataria mica, cu fundul pe mobila, la cafeaua cu lapte de dimineata. Noi certandu-ne ca proastele. Noptile pe pantalk, cu muzica romaneasca alaturi de romani din toata lumea. Si cel mai frumos copil, Corneliu - dimineata cu ochii lipiti de somn. Briosele in prajitorul de paine, mierea topindu-se, cafeaua mea si cicoarea lui cu lapte, eu in pijamale cu geaca peste si cu el in brate fugind spre gradinita. Si fundal sonor peste toate. Muzica. Multa muzica. Sa ma mentina in viata.

Imi este dor de voi.

Alecs pune muzica

si EA se bucura:

Thievery corporation - soon in Bucharest :)

Ironically, Thievery Corporation formed in Washington D.C., a city the duo often refer to as 'the real Babylon." One major by-product of life in the heart of empire is the diversity of the people it attracts to its riches. Underneath the power brokering, DC has quietly spawned a sophisticated musical multi-culturalism (especially in the Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle neighborhoods that became TC's home). The city also gave a base to Dischord Records and Positive Force, a scene whose fierce independence, musically and politically, forcibly affected every nearby young musician with a non-mainstream pulse.

Hilton grew up in suburban Maryland, playing guitar under the influence of punk and all it ushered in -- first rocking around with a pre-teen garage band, then warmed by the glow of the District's hardcore revolutionaries, Minor Threat. "I think Rob and I both followed those early releases on 7" vinyl only and we never forgot that this little Indy label called Dischord, run by the band members sent shockwaves around the globe. I still get a little idol-stuck when I see one of the Fugazi guys in the neighborhood."

After cutting his teeth on DC and UK punk, Hilton was sonically liberated by UK two-tone crews such as the Specials and Brit-soul sides such as the Style Council. After checking the references of those bands, he was turned on by the roots and soul music of Jamaica and America. Hilton's first deejay gig was playing ska and Northern Soul as an opener for his friend's Mod band. Later, he asked to spin house music at DC's top super-club of the '80s, the Fifth Column. By the early 90's he helped throw a warehouse weekly called Exodus, where Hilton tapped a young deejay Dubfire (now, half of the house music duo DeepDish) to spin a multi-culti mix of hip-hop, soul jazz, dancehall and dub.

Rob Garza's youthful existence (mostly in suburban Maryland as well, but also Connecticut and his mother's hometown of Juarez, Mexico) involved digging into his parents' collection of knowingly picked, adult classics - Henry Mancini, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, The Beatles - followed by immersion into the weirder shades of atmospheric rock (The Pixies, Hugo Largo) and the industrial side of life (Renegade Soundwave, Meat Beat Manifesto). By the end of high school, he was making beats in his own basement studio for unsigned rappers, while studying classical piano. A love-at-first-listen with bossa nova king Antonio Carlos Jobim was in his future.

Garza and Hilton finally met in the summer of 1995 at the now-infamous Eighteenth Street Lounge. As the myth goes, Eric and Rob bonded over strong drinks, dub, bossa nova and jazz records, then decided to see what would come of mixing all these in a recording studio. The duo caught the ears of underground deejays with their first two offerings, "2001 Spliff Odyssey" and "Shaolin Satellite". Who could have predicted that those two offerings and a subsequent LP, Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi, would define a new genre in electronic music, and connect with an international community of like-minded souls? Even as the terminology and lexicon has come and gone (trip-hop, downtempo, chill out, leftfield and other innocuous record industry monikers), Thievery Corporation have managed to defy the confines of category and creatively tap in to their deep appreciation for by-gone sounds as they deftly re-interpret them in their own innovative fashion.

"Our deepest source of inspiration comes from our record collections. On this album we wanted to make songs that sounded like they may have been recorded by some of our favorite artists from the past. We also wanted to explore that sort of late 60's Moog-ed out, paisley-beat sort of thing as well," says Garza.

My recommendations

Nu am ascultat muzica o saptamana. La birou. Am ascultat in masina, acasa.Nu am deschis Last.Fm, nu m-a bucurat nimic o saptamana. Pentru ca asa sunt eu. Pentru ca daca ceva nu ma "conecteaza" cu cineva, mie nu imi place nimic. Mi-am revenit de curand. Si ascult muzica si nimic nu mai doare. Pentru ca muzica este ca un drog bun. De care daca vrei sa te lasi doare.

Recomand:Royksopp "Circuit Breaker"

Habarnam recomanda - jack johnson - better together (live)

Kings of Convenience

Kings of Convenience are an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway. Consisting of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, the musical group is known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricately subtle guitar melodies. Both Øye and Bøe sing in their tracks, and both of them compose.
Riot on an Empty Street (CD) - Astralwerks - (2004)
Versus (CD) - Astralwerks - (2001)
Quiet Is the New Loud (CD) - Astralwerks - (2001)
Kings of Convenience (US and Canada release only) (CD) - Kindercore - (2000)
Toxic Girl 7 (Ellet 1999)
Failure 7 (Ellet 1999)
Brave New World 7 (Ellet Records 1999)

[edit] Singles
"Know-How" (2005)
"I'd Rather Dance with You" (2004)
"Misread" (2004)
"Winning a Battle, Losing the War" (2001)
"Toxic Girl" (2001)
"Failure" (2001)

[edit] Collaborations
Cornelius - Drop (The Tusen Takk Rework) (2002)
Feist - 'Know How' and 'The Build Up' (Riot on an Empty Street) and in 'Cayman Islands' from the (Know-How) single (2004)
Cornelius - Omstart (2006)

Habarnam recomanda - Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Booka Shade

Booka Shade are Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, the masterminds behind most Get Physical output (eg all releases and remixes of M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T., Sunsetpeople and singles of Chelonis R. Jones). Running their own production company and studio for the past 15 years, they have applied their wide range of talents not only to the realm of electronic music, but also many other media productions. After two early 90s synthpop album releases and a number of live tours, they switched their attention to club projects for established labels like R&S, Harthouse and Tommy Boy. But it was their early incarnation of Booka Shade on illustrious Dutch label Touché which hit the zeitgeist, triggering excitement and enthusiasm in clubs all across Europe.

In between working on their next album and touring America and Australia, Booka Shade have come up with this new double A-side 12" that makes the wait for their third artist album shorter.

The A-side track, 'TICKLE' is an emotive affair: over Arno's shuffling drums and a pumping bass, Walter drops a repeating hook and evocative synth chords. The ideal warm, summer tune, 'Tickle' is sure to be played on the terraces and at all the outdoor parties this year.

Then they turn their attention to 'KARMA CAR", which was inspired by Booka Shade's US tour. As Arno explains: "We got into a heavy blizzard in NYC and all flights were cancelled. It was a horribly exhausting day and on our way back from the airport to Manhattan, the taxi's engine suddenly gave up in the middle of the motorway. We had to pull over and stood in the heavy snow, frightened that we would be stuck for hours and hours. The Indian taxi driver didn't say a word, just concentrated and breathed in deeply and slowly. He turned the key again and the motor started. His good karma started the engine - we were very relieved!"
It's no surprise then that the track is reflective: less soaring than some of Booka Shade's previous releases, it features vocals sung by both Arno and Walter and its haunting melodies and pulsing groove is the ideal late-night musical accompaniment.

Watch out too for an exclusive Booka Shade track that accompanies their latest 12", 'PLATYPUS', available only on Beatport which, we are promised, will be the duo's 'crazy, nervous interpretation of Detroit'.
Booka Shade are playing a large number of festivals this summer including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Trinity Ball, Roskilde, T In The Park, 10 Days Off, Melt Festival, Global Gathering and Pukkelpop.

Booka Shade - Body language

Booka Shade - Paper Moon

It's summer time!!!!
Let's party!!

SCSI-9 & Katya RYBA Senorita Tristeza

Ugress - Reason to Believe

(caci pe mine cand ma tine)

Ugress - Makina Fifth

Live Ugress

Ugress - Manhattan Sapphire

(mi veri hapi tudei)

Arthur and the Invisibles

Director Luc Besson

Love it!!


I don't want to sleep alone..

Tsai Ming Liang after a career as a brilliant, uncompromising director built in Taiwan, returned to his homeland, Malaysia, to shoot another inspired chapter of his narration about deep feelings. Here, three characters, a young immigrant, a homeless and a young waitress rediscover themselves taking care of the other.

Mysterious Skin

L-am vazut pentru muzica:) Povestea este trista si sa fiu sincera nu am pus mana sa cetesc nimic despre film inainte! Ca sa stiu la ce sa ma astept. Am vazut niste poze si cred ca am frunzarit un pic de trailer, dar nu am fost atenta. Ei bine..Joseph Gordon-Levitt face un rol extraordinar. Il iubesc pe baiatul asta de cand era mic si frumos si venise de pe a treia planeta de la soare:))Iar micul Chase Ellison..fara comentarii. Filmul asta m-a facut sa imi aduc aminte de chestii. Despre povesti cu barbati care au stiut mereu ca vor iubi alti barbati..Dureros film.
Muzica excelenta! A zis bine Bjorker.

Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon from TV's "3rd Rock from the Sun"), Neil is a male hooker, eerily devoid of appreciation for the magnitude of his promiscuity. His childhood, however, isn't dotted with light-hearted extraterrestrial encounters, but rather, plagued by his extensive relationship with his pedophile-baseball coach. The film aims to intertwine the lives of these two boys, seemingly unrelated except for their residence in small-town Kansas.

"Mysterious Skin" is original, professional and complex - it's just not easy to watch. From Neil's point of view (past and present), his time with Coach (Bill Sage, "Boiler Room," "American Psycho") is a positive experience ­- a grotesque perversion of true love. Regardless of his ultimate orientation (pre-determined or not), Neil continuously fails to acknowledge the sexual abuse for what it is: wrong. Instead, he plays it off as part of who he is, the manner in which he built character. It's not exactly a vantage point with which audiences can empathize.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here's a thing about the future. Every time you look at it, it changes. Because you look at it, and that changes everything else.

Ce frumos a ajuns Jessica Biel sa joace cu Cage, ea dupa ani de zile in "Al saptelea cer". El..minunat, ca intotdeauna. Si ca sa fie bine - Julianne Moore. Nice. NEXT!

Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government and medical establishment in his power, he lies low under an assumed name in Vegas, performing cheap tricks and living off small-time gambling "winnings." But when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to capture Cris and convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.

Knocked Up

O comedie despre ce se intampla daca te culci cu un strain la prima intalnire, si nu pui nici plastic, si esti atat de beata incat nu mai stii nimic. El are 23 de ani, traieste fara grija zilei de maine, fumeaza iarba si activitatile lui de gasca se aseamana cu cele ale unor pusti de maxim 14 ani, aflati intr-o tabara:) Singurul lui proiect "de viitor" un website usor "sexy":))
Nu e un film care sa te dea pe spate, insa este de ras. E de vazut in weekend. Nu cu boyfriendul, ci numai cu fetele din gasca. Asa, ca o lectie: DON'T EVER DO THAT!
Ea - gravida - am vrut sa vad filmul pentru ca imi place de ea. Este dr. Izzie Stevens din Grey's anatomy. I love it! Seriously!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Brides - Νύφες

“It’s not a punishment to remember someone you love. The punishment is to forget”

Damian Lewis (Norman Harris), Victoria Haralambidou (Niki Douka), Andrea Ferreol (Emine), Evi Saoulidou (Haro) , Steven Berkoff (Karaboulat), Dimitris Katalifos (Captain Marinos), Irini Iglessi (Miss Kardaki), Apostolos Totsikas (Nicholas), Evelina Papoulia (Marion).

"In Pantelis Voulgaris’s ‘Brides,’ an American photojournalist (Damian Lewis) and a Greek woman from Samothrace (Victoria Haralambidou) meet and fall in love onboard the King Alexander. Martin Scorsese is the film’s executive producer." By Maria Katsounaki - Kathimerini

"Every film is a wager. Every wager is won or lost in the dark movie theater. Especially on opening night." Pantelis Voulgaris - director


"Summer 1922 - Smyrna Turkey
After roaming Asia Minor for several years American photographer Norman Harris must return home. The American newspaper he works with has rejected his photographs from the battlefield.
At the same time in Samothrace, Niki, a seamstress, is preparing her little trunk for Chicago. She must marry Prodromos, a tailor she has never met in place of her older sister who couldn't bear living away from home and returned to Greece in bad health.
Norman and Niki are traveling on the same ship. He is in First Class, she is in Third, along with another 700 "mail-order brides" from every corner of Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Armenia. In their suitcases, they all carry the photograph of an unwelcome bridegroom and their wedding gown. Some are immigrating through agencies, others through orphanages or church organizations.
A boatload of brides. an arc of cultures and colors from a turbulent, sorely tried region. The sad eyes of the women, the truth in their faces, the decency, the harshness, the expectation make Norman want to photograph them. Niki, who works sewing during the voyage, is the one he can't get out of his mind. Little by little they get to know each other and fall in love.
Niki's friend Haro, the pimp Karaboulat, the famous fortuneteller Emine, Marinos the ship's captain, Miss Kardaki the spinster chaperone of the orphans from Epirus, the teenage Russian Olga, the young cabin boy Nicholas, the American choreographer Marion, all have their own stories to tell which intersect at sea with the secret love of Niki and Norman, a love that runs counter to the "dos" and "don'ts" of the era.
A journey from the East to the West, at the same time the inner journey of the people who battle the waves of agony, doubt, courage, resignation, and hope.
The closed, dark and silent world of Third Class emphasizes the intensity of feelings that flare up, the contrast between the old life that they have left behind and the new one that lies before them.
On the docks in New York, Prodromos and hundreds of other bridegrooms wait impatiently.
First acquaintances, bliss, disappointment, goodbyes.
Locked in a passionate embrace, Norman and Niki are called upon to make their big decision. "

Soundtrack - Stamatis Spanoudakis

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emily Loizeau - 'Je Suis Jalouse'

Je Crois Que Je Ne T'aime Plus...

Madonna vs Sex Pistols

now you're talking!!


Dj Zebra -

Si daca tot vorbiram de Simona eu zic sa continuam :

..caci au fost vremuri bune. dar am vrut mai mult fiecare din noi..

Some people get by
With a little understanding
Some people get by
With a whole lot more
I dont know
Why you gotta be so undemanding
One thing I know
I want more

Danger, danger

si eu si duamna mea de la Paris dansam in anul de gratie 2003 \:d/

danger, danger, high voltage..

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Somewhere in Time

Asta este povestea mea de dragoste favorita...din toate timpurile. Si forever:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paprika - vazut. Love it!

De cand ma stiu mi-am dorit un device pe care sa mi-l asez (indes) in cap. Cu scopul clar de a imi inregistra si apoi interpreta visele. Pentru ca lumea mea din vis este minunata si complexa, pentru ca in vis am tot ce cred ca imi doresc in viata reala. Mi-a placut Paprika la maxim!

"It's not the outside that counts, but there's a limit to that too.
Light and dark. Reality and dreams. Life and death. Man and..woman."

Who is eating up my dreams? It is Paprika? It's a girl."

I just have the best dream!

(we are the dreaming kids...)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friends TV Show

Am ajuns la 30 de ani si de cateva zile ma uit la Friends si rad si imi aduc aminte chestii despre "gasca noastra". Am vazut o parte din sezonul 10 si mai am inca putinel. Asta in timp ce oamenii normali se uita la The office si alte seriale de care nu am auzit si de care ma feresc. Si asa dorm putin, oare cum as putea sa o iau de la capat cu noi seriale?
Dar! imi place Friends, imi place de ei - cu frezele alea de acum 100 de ani, cu hainitele alea demodate..apoi ei azi, cu alt look, maturi si foarte haiosi. Hihi!

Chandler: "OK. Hating this."
Too many jokes...must mock Joey!"
Sometimes I wish I were a lesbian... Did I say that out loud?
Could she be anymore out of my league?
She makes the women I dream about, look like short, fat bald men.
I know sitting in front of this computer is killing my brains and my sperm, but I get to make free long distance calls, so what the hell
No bunch of friends is that good looking or funny... *glance around*... okay, except for you guys!
Don't worry, Joey. I'm sure that when the right woman comes along, you'll be responsible enough to say, "Sorry, I'm married.'"
Joey: "I may only have a couple drinks in me, but I love you man!" Chandler: "I'm still on my first. I just think you're nice."
Chandler to Joey: "You know that thing where we talk to each other about things? Let's not do that anymore."
Chandler : "Or, 'You're such a nice guy' means: 'I'm going to be dating leather wearing alcoholics, and complaining about them - to you .'"
Chandler to Ross about Rachel : "Could you want her more?" Ross : "Who?"
Chandler : "Y'know I remember my father, all dressed up in a red suit, the big black boots and the patent leather belt, sneakin' around downstairs. He didn't want anybody to see him but he'd be drunk so he'd stumble, crash into something and wake everybody up." Rachel : "Well, that doesn't sound like a very merry Christmas." Chandler : "Who said anything about Christmas?"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

8 femmes

Am re-revazut 8 femei. Azi noapte la Tvr cultural. Excelent film, excelent soundtrack:)
Danielle Darrieux : Mamy, la belle-mère de la victime
Catherine Deneuve : Gaby, la femme de la victime
Isabelle Huppert : Augustine, la belle-sœur de la victime
Emmanuelle Béart : Louise, la nouvelle femme de chambre
Fanny Ardant : Pierrette, la sœur de la victime
Virginie Ledoyen : Suzon, la fille aînée de la victime
Ludivine Sagnier : Catherine, la fille cadette de la victime
Firmine Richard : Madame Chanel, la cuisinière
Dominique Lamure : Marcel, la victime

Ludivine Sagnier : T'es plus dans l'coup papa (Sheila)
Isabelle Huppert : Message personnel (Françoise Hardy)
Fanny Ardant : A quoi sert de vivre libre (Nicoletta)
Virginie Ledoyen : Mon amour, mon ami (Marie Laforêt)
Firmine Richard : Pour ne pas vivre seuls (Dalida)
Emmanuelle Béart : A pile ou face (Corynne Charby)
Catherine Deneuve : Toi jamais (Sylvie Vartan)
Danielle Darrieux : Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux (Louis Aragon, Georges Brassens)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

In amintirea unor vremuri trecute


the room of ancillary dreams

(for Bjorker and Alexandra)

Harold Budd - The Room

"the piece, "The room" , which I covered from 1988's "The White Arcades", has had a haunted-like presence since I abandoned it a dozen years ago. I knew that I had stepped away from it early, but the greater need then was to release the record I'd been periodically working to complete on and off in Edinburgh for the previous six months."

I'll be back with some nice songs for some nice people:)

ALECS ne pune musici!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Susumu Hirasawa - The Girl inByakkoya

Now we are talking


(HE told me that this is a great movie to see. HIS recommendations are usually good.So, until I'll see it, please enjoy this beautiful trailer)

If the music is good the film is good

Monday, June 4, 2007

Fico Assim Sem Vocę - Adriana Calcanhotto

Avião sem asa
Fogueira sem brasa
Sou eu assim sem você
Futebol sem bola
Piu-piu sem Frajola
Sou eu assim sem você

Porque que é que tem que ser assim?
Se o meu desejo não tem fim
Eu te quero a todo instante
Nem mil auto-falantes
Vão poder falar por mim

Amor sem beijinho
Buchecha sem Claudinho
Sou eu assim sem você
Circo sem palhaço
Namoro sem amasso
Sou eu assim sem você

Tô louca pra te ver chegar
Tô louca pra te ter nas mãos
Deitar no teu abraço
Retomar o pedaço
Que falta no meu coração

Eu não existo longe de você
E a solidão é o meu pior castigo
Eu conto as horas pra poder te ver
Mas o relógio tá de mal comigo
Por quê? Por quê?

Neném sem chupeta
Romeu sem Julieta
Sou eu assim sem você
Carro sem estrada
Queijo sem goiabada
Sou eu assim sem você

Porque que é que tem que ser assim?
Se o meu desejo não tem fim
Eu te quero a todo instante
Nem mil auto-falantes
Vão poder falar por mim

Eu não existo longe de você
E a solidão é o meu pior castigo
Eu conto as horas pra poder te ver
Mas o relógio tá de mal comigo (2x)

Fico Assim Sem Você | Adriana Calcanhotto

Adriana Calcanhotto - a great artist


I am from Rio Grande so I’m fearless. I love Rio de Janeiro. I have a problem saying no. Narrow-minded people snub me. I have a bad memory for names. I barely like music. I’ve been wearing the same pair of black trousers for three years. I cook very well but I’m lazy. I hate pumpkin. I love Elizabeth Taylor. I have never had any collections. I love helping my friends if there is something I can do. I am slow to retaliate. I love colors. I can’t stand work associates to set low standards for themselves. I am punctual. I stop at red lights. I spend small fortunes on art books. I hate people with no sense of humor. Sometimes I give alms. I love Miles Davis. I complain a lot. I know how to say ‘I’m sorry’. I buy records for their covers. I don’t hold grudges. I love animals. I don’t care for money. I live in Jardim Botânico, in a small apartment painted yellow. I listen to all the tapes people send me. I love dancing. I love Balanchine. I can’t stand the retro syndrome. I hate knickknacks. I love Mondrian. I like washing dishes. I sometimes need to be alone. I like Botafogo. I support Gręmio. I don’t know how to play cards. I would love to do a cinema soundtrack. I would like to play golf. I love Tŕpies. I drink too much coffee. I don’t like air conditioning. My mother says I change a lot. I’m gluttonous. I hate baby blue. I love Joăo Cabral. I really don’t know how to play the guitar. I play the guitar beautifully. I have lovely arms. Iberę Camargo painted my portrait. I know and recognize people by their hands. I can’t stand wastefulness. I hate courant d’air. I love Lina Bo Bardi. I don’t like good taste. I hate pills. I am very hairy. I love the Queen of England. I love Brie. Tacky people snub me. I have never known what to do with my hands in the presence of celebrities. My friends say I change a lot. I have always been happy in Love. I love Marlon Brando. I love Gávea’s Guimas. I can’t live without champagne. I have a Lygia Clark “animal”. I sleep less than I would like to. I hate mystifyng people. I love driving. I don’t like trivial mysteries. I despise phony people. I love reds and pinks. I give shelter to trespassers and outcasts. I’ve stopped smoking. I have no superstition. I love John Cage. I have never wanted to have children. The first word I read was "Mexico". I don’t like to perform on TV. I love my hands. I love laughing at myself. I have a soft spot for mad people. I love Issey Myake. I hate old rubbish. Journalists say I change a lot. I despise people who take themselves too seriously. I love aristocrats. I can’t live without fruits. I am very disciplined. I truly want to visit Egypt. I envy elephants. I love Augusto de Campos. I love Mediterranean colors. I love the food of the Provence. I can’t stand Free Shops and all that junk. I hate people fascinated exclusively by fame. I love Merce Cunningham. I want to compose very simple songs. I want to know what’s songs are for. I love Andy Warhol. I am slightly cross-eyed. I postpone very important decisions. My shoe size is 38. I have a “climber” by Lygia Clark. I love wine. I don’t know how to give interviews. I love Mangueira. I want the Dois Irmăos Mountain lighted. I love diving in Angra. I love Mário Peixoto. Uncultured people snub me. I love different shades of blue. I love Klein. I love Klee. I love Matisse. I always say yes. I love playing concerts. I love singing in Rio. I sleep on planes. I am much too generous. I love Gertrude Stein. I’m mad for orchids. I’ve been head over heels in love for seven years. I love Hélio Oiticica. I love Joaquim Pedro de Andrade. I hate aestheticization. I hate undue appraisal of folklore. I don’t like watching myself on video. I love Oswald de Andrade. I have a lithography by Miró. In winter, I never have breakfast without strawberries. In summer I never have breakfast without watermelon. One day I shall have a Calder mobile. I do barbaric things for a Swatch. People say I change a lot.

Adriana Calcanhotto (formerly Calcanhoto) is a MPB/pop singer/composer revealed in 1990 who had great success in Brazil, and helped bring Brazilian music again to the hit parade after the 1980s were characterized as the Brazilian rock period.

Her father, a jazz drummer, accompanied Elis Regina in her early career, and influenced Calcanhotto's taste for music. She started out in Porto Alegre playing and singing at small bars then moved to Rio, where she was invited to sing at bars of the same style. Her novice repertory of only ten songs wasn't enough for a gig, but she insisted anyway. The widespread notion that she began her career as a barbecue restaurant singer is not true; she sang only one night there and never returned, due to her small repertory.

In 1990, she recorded her first album, Enguiço. There she revealed a young singer with unusual taste for MPB as the album had "Nunca" (Lupicínio Rodrigues, also a gaúcho). Those were still Brazilian rock times and other musics didn't have a chance. Fortunately to her, other singers like Marisa Monte were making the same choice, which dislocated the popular taste during the 1990s to a re-approximation with Brazilian music. The album also brought "Sonífera Ilha," a cheesy hit by the Os Tităs improved in her rendition, and "Caminhoneiro," another corny hit by Roberto Carlos that reaffirmed her capacity for creating sensitive performances of uneven material. Ronaldo Bastos' "Naquela Estaçăo" was the big hit of the album, but national exposure came with the second album, Senhas. The title track was included on the soap opera soundtrack for Renascer, reaching dozens of millions in Brazil. The third album, A Fábrica do Poema, brought her compositions and partnerships along with renditions of songs by established composers such as Chico Buarque. The interpretation of profound songs like Buarque's "Morro Dois Irmăos" revealed a true MPB artist, not a performer restricted to the pop idiom. The album also brought the concrete poetry of Augusto de Campos (who participated on one track). 1996 marked the beginning of national tours and also performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Calcanhotto recorded the song "Tema de Alice" (Péricles Cavalcânti), which was included on the soundtrack to the film Mil e Uma (Suzana Morais), and "Dona de Castelo," a nostalgic cançăo by Jards Macalé/Waly Salomăo and the theme song of the 1996 film Doces Poderes (Lúcia Murat).

Maritmo was an experimentation where she mixed drum machines, ska, funk, incidental electronic noise, Olodum-type percussion (maracatu), samples, synthesizers, an old kitsch Jovem Guarda hit (Roberto Carlos' "Porisso eu Corro Demais"), dance grooves, and MPB, with the participation of icons Dorival Caymmi (on "Quem vem pra Beira do Mar"), and the great multiinstrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. Her fifth album, the live recorded Público (2000), is strongly MPB-based, where she accompanied herself at the violăo. It included the samba classic ("E o Mundo năo se Acabou" by Assis Valente), a poem by the Portuguese Mário de Sá Carneiro (with music by her), and another by Waly Salomăo, a re-recording of "Versos" (which had been released by Maria Bethânia of her classic Âmbar), and previous hits "Esquadros" (1992), "Cariocas" (1994), "Vambora" (1998), and "Vamos Comer Caetano" (1998). On this album, she also re-recorded "Dona de Castelo." ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

Adriana Calcanhotto last work "Publico" , an studio and live recording it's just delicious , inteligent , subtle , Finesse ,
an "artist" not just a pop musician , sometimes ironic , melancolic , deep emotions higly refinated Writer , performer , singer ,
a seer of new futures , a painter with sounds and words ,
the song Devolva me it's a poem of such beleza ( beauty ) you just get touched deep deep in your senses , Remix seculo xx innovative and absolutely creative tune , Adriana covers a wide spectrum of spectatives in musical and creativity expectations
an absolute proof of inteligence and talent in Brazilian Popular music, please also try her album " Maritimo " a must too.
I am rewiewing the album " Publico " couse it's just good and I didn't find it here , people at amazing Amazon where it's this CD ?
This collection it's fine but I will higly recomend Publico and Maritimo , enjoy !


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