Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mysterious Skin

L-am vazut pentru muzica:) Povestea este trista si sa fiu sincera nu am pus mana sa cetesc nimic despre film inainte! Ca sa stiu la ce sa ma astept. Am vazut niste poze si cred ca am frunzarit un pic de trailer, dar nu am fost atenta. Ei bine..Joseph Gordon-Levitt face un rol extraordinar. Il iubesc pe baiatul asta de cand era mic si frumos si venise de pe a treia planeta de la soare:))Iar micul Chase Ellison..fara comentarii. Filmul asta m-a facut sa imi aduc aminte de chestii. Despre povesti cu barbati care au stiut mereu ca vor iubi alti barbati..Dureros film.
Muzica excelenta! A zis bine Bjorker.

Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon from TV's "3rd Rock from the Sun"), Neil is a male hooker, eerily devoid of appreciation for the magnitude of his promiscuity. His childhood, however, isn't dotted with light-hearted extraterrestrial encounters, but rather, plagued by his extensive relationship with his pedophile-baseball coach. The film aims to intertwine the lives of these two boys, seemingly unrelated except for their residence in small-town Kansas.

"Mysterious Skin" is original, professional and complex - it's just not easy to watch. From Neil's point of view (past and present), his time with Coach (Bill Sage, "Boiler Room," "American Psycho") is a positive experience ­- a grotesque perversion of true love. Regardless of his ultimate orientation (pre-determined or not), Neil continuously fails to acknowledge the sexual abuse for what it is: wrong. Instead, he plays it off as part of who he is, the manner in which he built character. It's not exactly a vantage point with which audiences can empathize.

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