Thursday, June 28, 2007

Booka Shade

Booka Shade are Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, the masterminds behind most Get Physical output (eg all releases and remixes of M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T., Sunsetpeople and singles of Chelonis R. Jones). Running their own production company and studio for the past 15 years, they have applied their wide range of talents not only to the realm of electronic music, but also many other media productions. After two early 90s synthpop album releases and a number of live tours, they switched their attention to club projects for established labels like R&S, Harthouse and Tommy Boy. But it was their early incarnation of Booka Shade on illustrious Dutch label Touché which hit the zeitgeist, triggering excitement and enthusiasm in clubs all across Europe.

In between working on their next album and touring America and Australia, Booka Shade have come up with this new double A-side 12" that makes the wait for their third artist album shorter.

The A-side track, 'TICKLE' is an emotive affair: over Arno's shuffling drums and a pumping bass, Walter drops a repeating hook and evocative synth chords. The ideal warm, summer tune, 'Tickle' is sure to be played on the terraces and at all the outdoor parties this year.

Then they turn their attention to 'KARMA CAR", which was inspired by Booka Shade's US tour. As Arno explains: "We got into a heavy blizzard in NYC and all flights were cancelled. It was a horribly exhausting day and on our way back from the airport to Manhattan, the taxi's engine suddenly gave up in the middle of the motorway. We had to pull over and stood in the heavy snow, frightened that we would be stuck for hours and hours. The Indian taxi driver didn't say a word, just concentrated and breathed in deeply and slowly. He turned the key again and the motor started. His good karma started the engine - we were very relieved!"
It's no surprise then that the track is reflective: less soaring than some of Booka Shade's previous releases, it features vocals sung by both Arno and Walter and its haunting melodies and pulsing groove is the ideal late-night musical accompaniment.

Watch out too for an exclusive Booka Shade track that accompanies their latest 12", 'PLATYPUS', available only on Beatport which, we are promised, will be the duo's 'crazy, nervous interpretation of Detroit'.
Booka Shade are playing a large number of festivals this summer including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Trinity Ball, Roskilde, T In The Park, 10 Days Off, Melt Festival, Global Gathering and Pukkelpop.

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