Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friends TV Show

Am ajuns la 30 de ani si de cateva zile ma uit la Friends si rad si imi aduc aminte chestii despre "gasca noastra". Am vazut o parte din sezonul 10 si mai am inca putinel. Asta in timp ce oamenii normali se uita la The office si alte seriale de care nu am auzit si de care ma feresc. Si asa dorm putin, oare cum as putea sa o iau de la capat cu noi seriale?
Dar! imi place Friends, imi place de ei - cu frezele alea de acum 100 de ani, cu hainitele alea demodate..apoi ei azi, cu alt look, maturi si foarte haiosi. Hihi!

Chandler: "OK. Hating this."
Too many jokes...must mock Joey!"
Sometimes I wish I were a lesbian... Did I say that out loud?
Could she be anymore out of my league?
She makes the women I dream about, look like short, fat bald men.
I know sitting in front of this computer is killing my brains and my sperm, but I get to make free long distance calls, so what the hell
No bunch of friends is that good looking or funny... *glance around*... okay, except for you guys!
Don't worry, Joey. I'm sure that when the right woman comes along, you'll be responsible enough to say, "Sorry, I'm married.'"
Joey: "I may only have a couple drinks in me, but I love you man!" Chandler: "I'm still on my first. I just think you're nice."
Chandler to Joey: "You know that thing where we talk to each other about things? Let's not do that anymore."
Chandler : "Or, 'You're such a nice guy' means: 'I'm going to be dating leather wearing alcoholics, and complaining about them - to you .'"
Chandler to Ross about Rachel : "Could you want her more?" Ross : "Who?"
Chandler : "Y'know I remember my father, all dressed up in a red suit, the big black boots and the patent leather belt, sneakin' around downstairs. He didn't want anybody to see him but he'd be drunk so he'd stumble, crash into something and wake everybody up." Rachel : "Well, that doesn't sound like a very merry Christmas." Chandler : "Who said anything about Christmas?"

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