Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Irresistible - vazut/aprobat

Sophie Hartley is convinced that someone is trying to steal her children, her husband: her life. Forced to prove her sanity, Sophie fights back and makes a discovery more shocking than her worst fear.
She is a successful illustrator. A deadline looms and Sophie is terrified of failure and the pressure to reveal a secret from her past.
To make matters worse, things aren't going well with her husband Craig (SAM NEILL). When Sophie becomes convinced that she's being stalked by one of Craig's co-workers - a beautiful, highly competent assistant, Mara Toufiey (EMILY BLUNT) - no one believes her.
Sophie's life begins to fall apart. She feels she's being watched, followed, copied. Things go missing in the house - her daughters' toys, family photographs, even her favourite dress...
Sophie tries to fend off paranoia, but it is clear to her that Mara is trying to steal her husband, her daughters, her life.
In the cat and mouse game of obsession that ensues, Sophie crosses the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Mara takes out a court order against her. Now Sophie is forced to become a stalker.
Sophie spirals further out of control and as a result of her own dangerous actions, loses both Craig and custody of her children. With the loss of all she holds dear, Sophie begins to fight back. But before she regains her family, she discovers something more frightening than anything she has ever encountered. A secret that can paradoxically destroy or heal - a secret that changes everything...

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